Story about unhealthy habit


Darlings, do you know that the habit is the second nature? We have argued with Bear recently about what was the best habit before bedtime. I shared my recipe with him:

· brush your teeth

· turn on the TV

· lay down on the bed and watch the cartoons until you're blue in face

Opps, I mean until you fall asleep. This recipe I have created myself. Do you know how well it works? You want to go off straight after! And in the morning you cannot even wake up! And during the whole day you are sleepy and your eyes stuck together. And when you have an excessive sleepiness during the whole day it is so healthy!

Bear told me that it was not right… If I do that I would not have a good sleep and my head would not get a good rest because of the cartoons. He insisted that before going to sleep it is healthier to go for a walk, then brush teeth and open the window to let fresh air into the room and then go to bed. He advised me to change the habit. But how can you change the habit if it is your second nature? What if I change the habit and become another girl - Dasha or Rosa?

Bear couldn’t answer to all my questions but suggested me to make an experiment. He gave me three days to use my recipe and then get back to him with feedback.

Darlings, do you know what happened? I felt so-so bad! I forgot how to speak, got a bruise on my forehead and on the third day I didn’t want to get out of bed!

Well..I have no idea how it happens that Bear is always right! I have tried to use his rules for a three days and started to feel way better! So from now on I always go for a walk before a sleep.  Darlings, don’t repeat my mistakes and remember: sound sleep is the key to good health. 

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