Story about the toothpaste


Oh my goodness! The toothpaste tastes so good! I cannot stop eating it. It smells like ice cream with different flavors. Last week toothpaste was fruity. Earlier it was with cedar… I shared it with squirrels they loved it so much.

Moreover I discovered that with toothpaste you can make great paintings. However while painting the tube ends so quickly! For some reason when Bear saw my Mona Lisa on the mirror he became so angry…Also when he found out that I ate most of the toothpaste he was so mad at me…

Bear explained that toothpaste is very dangerous for health. It consists of fluorine and other dangerous chemical elements and no one should eat it.

At the end Bear bought me so many new paint tubes…Now I can draw professionally like real artists do. What about toothpaste.. Since our last conversation with Bear I have started to use it when I only brush my teeth.

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