Season 3 comes to Tiny Pop (UK)

Masha's adventures never end! This January a brand new Season 3, full of new hilarious stories of your favorite duo, heads on the UK children's channel Tiny Pop. 

The new Season features Masha in various appearances as Masha- musketeer, or Masha-a golf player...okay, no one likes spoilers - switch the TV on and enjoy the series. Oh, almost forgot, below is the airing schedule:
  • Monday – Friday – 7am (3 episodes), 8.05 (1 episode), 11.05am (3 episodes), 1.30pm (3 episodes), 5pm (1 episode), 7.10pm (2 episodes)

  • Saturday – Sunday – 7.02am (3 episodes), 8.50am (1 episode), 5pm (1 episode), 7.10pm (2 episodes). 

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