Masha and the Bear saving nature together with WWF Russia

Great news! Masha and the Bear started setting up ‘Saving Nature’ operation together with WWF! 

Within ‘Earth Hour’ worldwide event, which is annually held by WWF, the series’ main characters told about the responsibility to respect and protect the nature.

In a special comic book from the creators of the animated series, Masha tells how the old things could be reused instead of ending up in the landfill – all the best efforts in order to reduce waste of the environment and bring an efficient material reuse for our common benefit. But just in case – adults can always advise you how, as well as the Bear with a blanket did! 

In addition, my dears, we will learn the right eco-habits: how to save water, why it’s better to pick up a reusable grocery bags, rather than a single-use plastic one, why planting is important, and much more!

And we also hope that you, my loves, remember about the ‘Earth Hour’!

Earth Hour is an annual environmental campaign that brings attention to our planet’s future by asking people to switch off lights and household appliances for an hour, that’s it, dears!

Join the Earth Hour, my loves, on!

Come on! Everyone can do it! And together we can do much more!


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