Many-eyed assistant


Can you imagine darlings that today is a traffic light’s birthday? It is now 103 years-old. All these years it was working for people without weekends, vacations or holidays. It cannot even have a sit for a while – the job doesn’t allow it to be distracted.   

The traffic light’s story starts from August 5, 1914. An American company established the first four traffic lights in Cleveland. They were almost the same as the current ones. They had red and green lights and they also could make a sound. Dears, since then, so many traffic lights have been invented not only for cars, but for pedestrians too. There are traffic lights for trams, bikes, trains and even for boats. In general, you can find traffic lights almost everywhere. So, now that you know about this special day you can celebrate the day and be nice to traffic lights: just cross the road when the light is green. Traffic lights will be happy and you will be safe.       

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