It is simplicity itself


In the episode “The Puzzling Case” Masha takes an example from the greatest detective of all time and makes her own investigation of the mysterious story that happened to Bear. The name of that detective is Sherlock Holmes. The famous stories about him were written by British author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThis is why Masha for her investigation puts on chequered sarafan and fore-and-aft cap repeating stereotypical Sherlock’s style. By the way the right name of this funny cap is Deerstalker.   

Scherlock Holmes was a private detective what means that he did not work for police though he usually helped Lestrade, detective Inspector for New Scotland Yard. Holmes was an expert in multiple scientific fields and even was honored member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. But one of his main abilities was extremely developed observation. He could learn almost the whole information about the person by the smallest details of the appearance and by invisible evidence. Sherlock also loved to play violin and during this activity he thought over some very complicated cases.

Though the detective is a fictional character the stories about Sherlock Holmes are so plausible that even after 100 years Conan Doyle’s books are still quite interesting to read for children and adults from all around the world. If you are interested be sure to read these detectives because modern TV series are not enough.  

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