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Season 3

Season 3 of Masha and the Bear animated series, produced by Animaccord, continues the adventures of a clumsy little girl Masha and her caring friend, The Bear. Each episode delights with new locations, characters, and incredible appearances of the ever-mischievous Masha. Together with Bear and their forest friends, she gets into some fun adventures: she meets a mermaid, fights for justice in a squad of Musketeers, tries herself as a theatre diva, takes on the title of queen, makes friends with aliens and even conducts expeditions to the Moon! Each Masha and the Bear season has its own style and unique features. The major difference and the exceptional attribute of Season 3 is that we intentionally complicated the whole Masha and the Bear world: the storyline become deeper, the characters and their actions become more developed as well as the locations and appearances were conceived as more diverse and extraordinary. And it ended up with a series of epic adventures, where Masha conquers the space and underwater world, plays hockey with knights on the ice rink and goes on a tour with a bunch of circus monkeys. The main idea of Season 3 that become a kind of a challenge for us, was to create and expand a unique storyline in each separate episode by adding new characters featured only within that story such as Cat & Mouse, Mermaid and even Aliens while also diversifying the locations with space, underwater world, golf course, etc. Another point was to upgrade the existing personalities – Masha, for instance, has become more conscientious and acts thoughtfully – she tries to be helpful and friendly in her unique and creative manner, and even when she misbehaves, she always admits and redresses her mistakes at the end of the day.

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