A story about the importance of safe bike riding


I love summer so much. There are so many activities available! You can walk all day long, ride a bike or even ride a scooter. And yesterday, I rode my bike the entire day around the forest. I have decided to organize a competition with the forest dwellers. However they did not know about it. I thought it would be fun! I rode up behind the Lady Bear and rang the bell. To my surprise, she screamed so loud and threw herself aside. I did not expect that she would fall exactly where I was riding. I fell from the bike and scratched my knees.  

Later Bear explained me that a bike is a real vehicle. And if you are riding it then you should follow the road rules. You have to ride on the special designated area of the road, follow the rules like the cars do, and wear a helmet as well. So from now on I am a very careful rider! 

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