Story about the magic words


Have you ever thought about the magical power of several words? I mean all these “thank you”, “good morning”,“sorry”, “please”… What kind of magic do they have? I have decided to conduct an experiment to see what happens when we avoid using them.

It all started when I went for a walk. When I saw Lady Bear I did not say hi and pretended that I didn’t even know her. I pushed through hedgehocks and didn’t say sorry. The hare gave me a carrot. I took it and didn’t say thank you. And by the evening I came to the Bear’s house and asked him to cook me porridge without any please. He looked at me in a strange way but still cooked a dinner for me. As soon as I took the spoon to eat the porridge we heard a loud knock on the door. There were so many forest dwellers that I offended that day. They came to complain about me to the Bear.

Later I explained to the Bear that it was a special experiment. And by the way I came to the conclusion that the special words have such a power. They can transform any child or adult into a polite and civilized person. So, darlings, don’t forget about this magic words and say it to them as often as possible to anyone you meet. 

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