Story about Masha gardener


Such a great idea came to my mind recently. I’ve decided to grow a battery tree. Why not? I have so many toys that require batteries! Bear has almost everything in his garden: raspberries, cucumbers and tomatoes, сarrots huge like palms! Why not to grow a battery tree there?

I collected as many batteries as I could! I dug a hole, and planted them there. I planted them properly with the plus side up. After planting, I watered them and started to wait for the trees to begin to grow.

You would never guess what happened when Bear saw me... He scolded me! He was so angry. It turned out that you cannot bury batteries. A battery can kill the plants and it is very harmful for the environment.

Together with Bear, I dug out the batteries and sent them to the city.There are many stores that have special boxes where batteries are kept.

Darlings, now you know what you should do with used batteries.  

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