Story about creativity


I am so bored…Bear with Lady Bear went for a bike riding, Rosie Pig went to visit some nearby place while a kid is home alone forgotten by everyone.

How should I entertain myself? Oh, I know! My lovely dolls are so ungroomed without any dress! There is no chance that new dresses will be bought for them. That decides me! Today I am going to sew. I will sew so many dresses and will become…how they say… a fashion deceigner! I will be as famous as those Dolce and Kaban! The most important thing in all of this is to use creative approach!    

Well, well…As it was revealed today you cannot make much of a blanket. And it cuts soo badly. Hmm.. maybe I should try to make a lace dress from curtains?

Wow! How awesome is that!  My favorite dolls are finally in new outfits. Well done, Masha! You are a real deceigner. But wait a minute.. what Bear will say when he find out that the dresses are made from curtains? He will be so angry! What a difficult life children have. That is that.. I have to create new curtains.

It is so great to be creative! And thanks to squirrels we made wonderful new curtains with flowers! And Bear is so happy about it! 

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