This is golf!


If you give a stick to a man, human nature may be to hit something with it. If a person chooses to hit a stone with a stick for example, they can make it fly far away. Maybe this is how the game of golf was invented! But for modern golf the rules are quite strict. There is a serious task: players have to hit their ball into a series of holes. The game is not as easy as it may seem: it requires patience, attention, calmness and total self-control.     

In ancient times shepherds were hitting the stones with a stick when they were bored. In Holland this game was called kolven, in ancient Rome – paganika, in Belgium – chole and in China, the game was played even before Christ. But golf as it is now, came from Scotland.   

As you see in ancient times, golf was a game for everyone. Later upper class ladies and gentlemen became interested in it, and made strict rules.

Now golf is a very active and high-tech game: golf clubs are made from very super modern materials, designed by famous architects and, since 2016, golf has been included in the number of Olympic sports. A regular golf course consists of 18 holes. America’s first 18-hole golf course was constructed on a sheep farm in Downer’s Grove, Illinois in 1892. Businessman and golf lover Charles Blair McDonald moved to this quaint town and began constructing the course with his colleagues. The Downer’s Grove Golf Course is still intact after all of these years, although its since been downsized to 9 holes, but it continues to be a popular historical location to play.

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